1. My Childhood

2. The origin of the Dhaka Nawab Family – our ancestors – and the birth of All India Muslim League

3.  Our parents and their extended Family

4.  Ahsan Manzil and Dilkusha Gardens

5.  St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling – 1937 – 38

6.  The three Dufferin years – 1939 – 41

7.  Summer holidays and Football in Calcutta

8.  S.S. Chilka and my first voyage

9  The last voyage and the end of my sea career

10.Six days in a life boat on the open sea

11.In a village hospital on Nias Island – Are you an Englishman?

12.As Japanese Prisoner of War in Goonoogsitoli, Nias Island

13.Clearing a jungle for cultivation – Sister Hank Visker and Dr. Hyke.

14.A Tug Master at Twenty – my first visit to Sumatra

15.The Camp within a Chinese graveyard – Santiong.

16. Within barbed wires once again

17. In the Sibolga Central Jail with convicts – No. 5

18. First taste of Japanese torture

19. Walking out of Sibolga Central Jail with Haji Zainul Abedeen

20. On foot 32 kilometers to Padang Sidempuan

21. The Union Jack – what are the British like?

22. The green fields of beautiful Bengal

23. On the River Hooghly

24. Working along mighty rivers of the East.

25. My marriage – House-boat on the banks of River Brahmaputra, in Assam

26. The end of a love affair with rivers and steamers

27. Five years with the Pakistan Navy

28. Jute – The Golden Fibre of Bangladesh

29. Needham always right ?

30. In uniform once again

31. Jute Mills of Pakistan

32. Working in the United Arab Emirates


Two chapters will be posted uploaded online every month.


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