Appendix 3. Khwaja Suleiman Quader

“His love for freedom and his desire to see India free from the British yoke prompted him to join the Indian National Congress,” writes his son, Khwaja Rahman Quader, who now lives in Irvine, California, with his wife Najma, daughter of Khwaja Muhammad Ismail According to him, his father, Khwaja Suleiman Quader, had complete faith and trust and believed that the united efforts of Hindus and Muslims together, could bring about freedom to India from British rule. He started his activities in and around the city of Dhaka by organizing protest meetings, street corner discussions and hartals. He took active part in the non-cooperation and Khilafat movements which required all Indians to refrain from English education and to boycott English products and garments.

Due to his anti-British activities, Khwaja Suleiman Quader was arrested and sent to the Dhaka Central Jail as a political prisoner where he was kept for almost one year. After his release from jail, he continued his activities with determination.

However, he was disillusioned when he found that the Hindus had gone back on their agreement to boycott British education and products with the ultimate object of keeping the Muslims of India educationally backward and subservient and economically dependent on them. His faith and trust received a tremendous jolt but did not make a dent in his courage and determination.

Khwaja Suleiman Quader resigned his membership of the Indian National Congress, and that made his determination stronger to achieve something to make his life worth living. He came to the conclusion that education was the key to all success, without which a leap forward would not be possible.


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