I am indebted to my brother-in-law (humzulf) Qamar-ul-Islam Abbas, Barrister-at-law, for suggesting and encouraging me to write about my life. He came up with this suggestion during the course of  a conversation at a dinner hosted by himself and his wife Nargis (my wife’s sister) at the Bar-B-Que Tonight on Tuesday 11th January 2011. The dinner was to welcome our daughter, Nazli Shah, who had arrived from Toronto on Friday 7th January on her annual fortnightly visit to see her parents.

Qamar suggested that I should begin by writing 50 pages by June 2011 when he would see what the two of us could do together. By the middle of July he had proof-read and edited 185 pages. At that time, Almas Zakiuddin was here from Toronto to spend time with her mother. As an experienced journalist, she was kind enough to go through 200 pages, proof-reading and editing before returning to Toronto in mid-August. My grateful thanks to Almas for her kind help and advice.

By the 3rd of November when Qamar and Nargis left for the U.S.A., he had completed editing up to Chapter 31, 245 pages. Qamar is very keen that we should find a publisher, at home or abroad, to print the book. This is not an easy task and having been under the weather lately, I do not have the energy to undertake this task.

Hopefully, Qamar will help when they return from the U.S.A. Meanwhile, he has kindly agreed that I could start serializing the manuscript by e-mail to the Nawab Family website – – and to members of the family who were receiving the Dhaka Nawab Family Newsletter until December 2011. Regarding the title of the proposed book, various suggestions are under consideration, but, for the time being I would like to use: “Lest I forget”.

 Last, but not the least, I wish to express my grateful thanks to Muhammad Asif, an Assistant of Qamar Abbas, for his kind help in scanning various materials for my use.


3 responses to “Acknowledgements

  1. I am still looking for a handsome gentleman by the name of Hasan Askari to
    whom I met through his good friend named Sayeed, working together at Salateen
    Syndicate situated at Motijhel C.A, Dacca during 1967-68.I do hope, he comes
    across this text of letter by any chance on some sunny morning day, Inshallah.

    • Sorry, I do not know about Salateen Syndicate. If you are referring to Sayeed Shahabuddin, I worked for Ludlows at that time and my office was in Omer Sons building in Motihjeel Commercial Area. If you want to know about Nawab of Dhaka, Hasan Askari, he passed away in Karachi many year ago..
      Sayeed Shahabuddin

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