This is the story of my life, “Lest I Forget”—an autobiography—having had a chequered career, beyond imagination, spanning over forty years of my working life after the end of World War II in 1945,  I held nine different jobs, working in India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and in the U.A E. In addition, I became a Japanese Prisoner of War (POW), when I was still a teenager and spent almost four years under the Japanese in Sumatra, Indonesia.

To write to me, please send me an email: sayeed425[at]gmail[dot]com


4 responses to “About

  1. My dear Sayers
    It was only by chance that I happened to look in the internet for the Dufferin, and found the account of your Book. You never told me, so it was a lucky break and a most pleasant surprise. Please tell me how I could order one.

    With deepest respects

  2. My family is a big part of Nawab family. I don’t see anything written about this. My father is Syed Abdus Sobhan. Founder of Hotel Purbani in Dhaka. Remember him?

    With respect,

    Daughter of Syed Family.


  3. Have tried to contact Shahabbuddinji several times in the last few years. I still treasure his personally autographed biography in my home in Goa India. My daughter Arshi still remembers how she was forgotten at the Circus by her school teacher in their special outing. They immediately recognised the six year old and brought her home directly.

    My father Mr. DS Sethi too had escaped from prison in Italy in WWII and they met in Sharjah in 1986. Both were matured down to earth veterans. It was good to see them share experiences. I lost my father on 9th December 2001. I pray to God Mr. Shahabbuddin is alive and well.

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